Week 6 Blog Post

This was another great week in class. My favorite part was learning about name resolution. I never realized everything that goes on behind the scenes. When I type in a website I never thought that it needed some sort of different address to locate the site. It makes, even more, sense that after you find a website usually every time after it becomes faster to reach that site. These are the things that you never think about when surfing the internet. Also to find out that there is more than one way to search for the ip address, from using FDQN which is an out of date method, because it would be silly to try and remember the 10 digit ip address instead of just the name of the website. It amazes me how the internet is almost perfect, which is so different from everything else in this world. Much like the name resolution and how there are several different ways of getting the same information. Great week.

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Week 5 Routers

This was probably the best week so far, at least in regards to what we learned. Doing the powerpoint presentation was very beneficial. Not just in terms of learning the different types of routers that are available, but also learning what you can and cannot do within powerpoint. Now back to the routers, I never realized how many different kinds of routers there are on the market. From home routers to small business routers and everything in-between. I learned how important speed is, which should have been obvious but you don’t really think about these things until you have to. Also found out that when looking for a router one feature that you should look for is 802.11ac which is 3 times faster than anything before it. Now I have more ammunition when I need to buy a new router for my house.

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Week 4 Cables

I’ve worked in a call center for approximately 9 years and throughout that time there have been many times where I helped move equipment around. I even helped when they decided to move our servers to a different location. In there I noticed how many different types of wires were just laying around and I never understood why they were all different. After this week I got a better understanding of what they were used for and why some wires have multiple thinner wires and why some of them had just one thick wire in them. I never really understood and it makes sense now. Even when my house was being built I would see the wires running through the house and now I know which ones they used and why they were so sturdy. It is amazing when you start to think about how all of these things work, I always thought, regardless of the length of a cable that the information transmitted was same. Never thought how depending on the wire that it could slow down your connection. Very cool stuff.

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Week 3 Blog Aguilar

This week was a real interesting topic, we got to learn about ethernet cables. I actually enjoyed reading and learning about it. Finding out how such a great invention was created by a simple need that a company had. The creator, Mr. Robert Metcalf was tasked with the job of connecting hundreds of computers to the Xerox’s laser printers. The rest you can say is history with the evolution of the first set of wires to evolving into faster more powerful cables. Thanks to the IEEE who help set the standards these cables are used for any and all types of servers, every company that uses servers uses these cables, even at home you use these cables. Who knows what we would be using today if they never created these cables in the first place. Below are two links that you can read for some basic information and some news on the advancements of the ethernet.






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Week 2 Blog Aguilar

This week I definitely learned a lot of stuff that I had no idea about, granted I am very new to all of this so pretty much every week I will start off the same way. This week we learned about how many different standard regulating organizations there are and how important of a service they provide. It never crossed my mind that computer companies had to meet a standard or else they would not be compatible. Imagine the world where we wouldn’t have these billionaire companies because they wouldn’t be compatible with everything. It is crazy to think that they would limit themselves in such a way, but obviously, they would if these organizations are needed. I also really enjoyed learning about the RJ-45 plug and how easy, well it appears easy, it is to make your own. Another great week and I look forward to the rest of the class.

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Week 1 – Aguilar Intro

Hello, my name is Carlos Aguilar. I am pretty new to this side of IT, I have some very basic troubleshooting skills that I learned at the job that I work at but nothing serious. I have only dabbled in. Throughout my years here I would pay close attention to what our IT guys would do, once I picked up what they did I would than go ahead and help out other co-workers. I learned simple things like how to reset the virtual memory after getting the blue screen of death. I also learned how to add printers and how to setup a pin for secure printing. Most of the things that I have learned over the years are either from watching our IT guys or just googling the steps of how to fix it. I figured that if i broke it our IT guys would come and fix it anyway, that was the best way i learned it really helped out.

Through out this course I plan to post things on IT that I enjoy, things that I want to learn about. At this time I don’t have much that I can post on, but in time I definitely will have more stuff to talk about.

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