Week 7 Clueless

As a supervisor we rotate weekends and a couple of years ago during my weekend (of course), the data center had to be shut down to prevent it from overheating and destroying all of our servers and other equipment located in there. I work in the call center so all day long, we get phone calls and we have to use our online applications to handle each customer. Well that day it all happened like a domino effect, my phone turned off and the internet cut off. I stood up and like lemmings everyone; one by one started popping their heads up telling me their systems stopped working. The call center started to get warm and nothing was working. When this happened I started calling around, I started calling the data center and leaving messages for them to find out if something had happened. After about 40 minutes, I finally got word that the AC stopped working and that the data center had to be shut down. At this point, we are not able to do any work, receive any calls or do anything and the room started heating up. We eventually had to get commercial fans and place them in the call center to hopefully start cooling things down. After spending all day on calls with everyone it was found that some fuse busted and that’s what caused the issue. By the end of the day, they were finally able to transfer everything to our data center in Ohio. It took about 3 days to get a piece to fix the problem and get the AC going and things switched back to our location. I was blown when this happened, a company that has a 24-hour call center and is a leader in banking technology would have had a backup to a backup to ensure that things like this don’t happen and at the very least doesn’t last all day. Thankfully, it was the weekend and we didn’t get a lot of calls. If this had happened during the week, it would have been devastating because of a number of calls we get. Having a better-equipped team at our location would have made a difference, having someone that can make that call to switch everything over to another location would also be a good thing to have. Eventually, they had one of our IT groups in another country keep an eye on things as well. Having systems in place that can monitor our systems would be something that is needed, this way they can see stuff go down and what is going down. Plus with the addition of another group watching our systems they can fix things quicker. Because being down for so long is not acceptable to me, I can’t imagine what it was like for my bosses boss.

Week 6 Object Storing…Great Scott

I like to look towards the future at times when doing these blogs and this week I took a look at what the future holds for storing data. It always amazes me how far we have come and I always ask the same question, where can they go from here. As a kid when I used floppy disks to save data I never imagined that it would lead to USB memory sticks that are capable of storing 30 times the same amount of data and from there it went from GB’s to TB’s. AMAZING! So what now? Well, a new thing is starting to make its way into big businesses called Object Storing; traditionally we have used Hard Drives, which stores data in blocks using numbers. In this type of storing, you only store the data, the system does not know what is on the file that is being stored. When you have to view what is stored you will need an outside application to read it, for example, Word or Adobe, without these applications you will not be able to view what is being stored. With Object storing, you store the file information with the file, for example, if you store a song it will also show the artist name, the song and what album it came from. It will do all of this without having to use a different application to view this item. The data within the Object carry’s its own integrity and is redundant so that if anything happens to one you will have the other there as a backup. This makes the nodes that are being used for storage highly scalable, so if one node fills up another node can be deployed, in fact, multiple nodes can be deployed are you’re able to move them to different sites so that not all of them are sitting in one location. This is the future of storage, with this method it gives companies a lot of flexibility when it comes to their storage needs without sacrificing anything.



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Week 3 Memory, I think?

It is crazy to think of how far things have come when you’re talking about storage. There is a picture that I recently saw and one that I love because it is so true and funny. I will try to include the picture, but it is a person holding approximately 50 floppy disks that total about 132MB of memory. While in the other hand, the person is holding 128 GB of memory. Growing up we would have never imagined that so much memory could be stored onto something that you could possibly attached to a keychain. This picture does give you a glimpse into how far technology has come, going from storing a few files onto a floppy disk to being able to store over 1,000 pictures on a small device. I can’t even being to imagine where they will take this. When I first heard of a 500GB storage device I thought there will never be anything bigger than that, but now we have devices that go higher than 6TB which is amazing, an everyday person could possibly never fill a device that big.



Week 2 Hot

A few years ago when I was working on the weekend we had an incident, as a call center supervisor that works on weekends we don’t do much we just make sure everyone is where they need to be and taking calls. One Saturday morning during the summer, the office started to get hot and our system applications stopped working. Nobody was able to receive any calls nor were we able to access the internet. Come to find out that the cooling system in the Data Center had blown a fuse and stopped working, everything started to overheat, and I think there was an automatic override that shut everything down. It took a while to get everyone on board, once everyone figured things out they were able to switch us over to one of our other locations and get us back up and working. That is when I found out that we had more than one location that kept our data and was used as a backup system for situations like this. Once I started learning about redundancy it made more sense as to why this is needed, especially in a business like ours where we support online banking for many different banks. Downtime was minimal thanks to having a second data center and having all of our systems back up to that center. Eventually, they moved our data center to a different location altogether, and even then they switched us over and then proceeded to disconnect everything pack it up and moved. It surprises me when I hear about companies that don’t have a backup to their systems, regardless of how big or small the company is. If I ever get to the point where I have my own company, I will definitely have a redundant amount of backups.

Week 1 Intro

Hello, everyone, my name is Carlos Aguilar. I am married with 2 kids a boy and a girl. My son Jayden is 12 and in middle school and my daughter is 5 going on 18, so that’s fun. One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is coaching. I coach my sons flag football team, I have been doing this for about 5 years now. It has really helped me in not just dealing with my son but also dealing with the employees under me. If anyone in this class has ever thought about coaching you should give it a try. It is very rewarding, a lot of kids play this sport or other sports for fun, but when you get them out there and you push them without belittling them they can do amazing things. Every season we have had kids like that, start slow but look completely different on their last game. We as coaches, a lot of times are unfortunately the only good male role models that a lot of these kids will have.


Anywho, I am working on my bachelor’s degree in computers because I have always been a fan, I have always enjoyed helping out co-workers when they had issues with their computers. The way I saw it was if I can’t fix it and break it, the real IT people would be there to fix it anyway. I learned many things that way, just tinkering with the computers and googling how to fix that or replace this. I figured it was time that I got some real teaching and not just google everything especially if  I wanted a career in it. I don’t have a lot of hands on experience with storage, the only experience that I have is with things like a memory stick for a camera or storage for my Xbox. I once was able to add additional memory to my desktop at work, it is the 288-pin memory. In our desktops at work, we have two that came with the desktop and two empty slots. After losing some employees, I opened them up and added the two to my desktop. It ran a whole lot faster and better after I added it. I didn’t configure anything I just added them and it worked. I also learned that if you ever get the blue screen of death that you can remove these memory sticks and it will reset and remove the blue screen, which was pretty cool to learn. I look forward to having a great semester.