Week 3 Memory, I think?

It is crazy to think of how far things have come when you’re talking about storage. There is a picture that I recently saw and one that I love because it is so true and funny. I will try to include the picture, but it is a person holding approximately 50 floppy disks that total about 132MB of memory. While in the other hand, the person is holding 128 GB of memory. Growing up we would have never imagined that so much memory could be stored onto something that you could possibly attached to a keychain. This picture does give you a glimpse into how far technology has come, going from storing a few files onto a floppy disk to being able to store over 1,000 pictures on a small device. I can’t even being to imagine where they will take this. When I first heard of a 500GB storage device I thought there will never be anything bigger than that, but now we have devices that go higher than 6TB which is amazing, an everyday person could possibly never fill a device that big.




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