Week 6 Object Storing…Great Scott

I like to look towards the future at times when doing these blogs and this week I took a look at what the future holds for storing data. It always amazes me how far we have come and I always ask the same question, where can they go from here. As a kid when I used floppy disks to save data I never imagined that it would lead to USB memory sticks that are capable of storing 30 times the same amount of data and from there it went from GB’s to TB’s. AMAZING! So what now? Well, a new thing is starting to make its way into big businesses called Object Storing; traditionally we have used Hard Drives, which stores data in blocks using numbers. In this type of storing, you only store the data, the system does not know what is on the file that is being stored. When you have to view what is stored you will need an outside application to read it, for example, Word or Adobe, without these applications you will not be able to view what is being stored. With Object storing, you store the file information with the file, for example, if you store a song it will also show the artist name, the song and what album it came from. It will do all of this without having to use a different application to view this item. The data within the Object carry’s its own integrity and is redundant so that if anything happens to one you will have the other there as a backup. This makes the nodes that are being used for storage highly scalable, so if one node fills up another node can be deployed, in fact, multiple nodes can be deployed are you’re able to move them to different sites so that not all of them are sitting in one location. This is the future of storage, with this method it gives companies a lot of flexibility when it comes to their storage needs without sacrificing anything.



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