Week 8

The future of storage data is going to be very important, according to an article on techgenix.com as of 2014 there were about 28 million IT professionals, and on average they were responsible for about 230GB of data. It is estimated that by 2020 that average will rise to about 1,232GB of data. That’s almost six times the amount of data that an IT professional will be responsible for, which naturally will lead more jobs available for us IT, people. Obviously, this will create more jobs for everyone and become a specialist in this technology will also be something that will need to happen. Computers will never go away and with computers comes data and since one is not going away the other will not go away either.  Like anything else in life, there’s good and bad to everything, for example moving from floppy disks to hard drives was a great achievement. Now we are moving at a much faster rate that it’s become a little more difficult to keep up with the needs and it will not get any better. I remember when I first saw the terabyte hard drive it cost close to a thousand dollars. Which is very expensive and was probably only bought by businesses or people with a lot of very important data that needed to be stored in one location.

Today you can find a 2TB hard drive for as low as $85.00. Great for us the consumer but not so great for IT professionals, just means that there’s a lot more data on smaller devices. What this also means is that when data centers and new servers are being built this type of data storage will need to be taken into account, the ability to store what is there and the room to continue to grow in the future. Security will be a big concern too, having the right security protocol in place to protect all the data that is going to be stored on site and in the cloud.


Hall, Christine. “Future Trends in Backup and Disaster Recovery – StorageCraft.” StorageCraft Technology Corporation. N.p., 28 Mar. 2014. Web. 28 July 2017.



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