Week 9 Keep it Cool

Soon after I started my job I would often hear something relating to a data center, some issue would pop up and our management team would say just call Cynthia in the data center to find out what was happening. Never really understanding what the data center was or how it functioned or even how important it was, yes I was that green when it came to computers. It started to click, first when the company decided to move the data center to another location. The moment I walked into the room, I noticed how much colder, it was than anywhere else in the building. Once everything was unhooked, we put it on a pallet and shrink wrapped it and loaded it into a cooler type box truck. After asking some questions, I came to find out that they were being shipped to Ohio and that type of truck was needed to ensure that the servers don’t get too hot during the trip. I also found out that it cost the company somewhere in the range of $50 to $60 thousand dollars just to move the servers. At this moment I realized that I was in the wrong business, joking aside, I was blown with how much it cost to move these pieces of equipment and so I started to look into what they were and why they were so expensive and felt pretty dumb when I found out that they were the heartbeat of the company. After the incident that I wrote about before when the data center had to be shut down, I started to realize how important having the right kind of cooling system for these servers are. Much like a RAID setup, data centers should also have something like this in order to keep their data centers cool even after something like the central AC breaks down.


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